sometimes i wanna send in my own name to see what people think of me but i can’t do it without feeling bad because i did it and… no i can’t do tHAT

thank you to the one person who knows i exist and sent in my name that One Time though idk who you are but you rock on little duckling

i need more friends on mweor but i can’t start conversations at all it took me a long time for me and my one friend to actually get close (it was a bunch of awkward and kinda forced convos) but in the end it was worth it?? it’s just that it’s hard because it takes me a while to get warmed up to people and idk. i really need someone new to talk to though this Sucks


Is it bad that some of the comments on the post about traditional art upset me? Especially those two comments from the one person. ;~;

I dunno. I just feel like they’re pulling that whole “digital art isn’t real art” crap. And I hate that so much.

wait where is that I can’t find it anywhere??


You guys I’m really scared there’s a purge scheduled for Detroit starting at midnight tonight and going to noon tomorrow and my mom and sisters have to go to the airport tomorrow because they’re flying out to New York and the airport is DTW which is the Detroit airport what do I do holy shit I’m having an anxiety attack holy shit holy shit help help help

I heard that the purge thing was a rumor started on social networking sites, and a person who I follow lives in a city where a purge is supposed to take place today (it’s 4 am where they are) however nothing has happened so far, nothing has been reported, etc. I’m sure the police are on the lookout and I doubt something as severe as a purge would be able to happen, if anything it might be a crazy or two. I’m sure your family will be fine, however make sure they are cautious and aware. I hope they stay safe, as well as you!

if you can help me come up with a new username for dA I’ll give you 600k??? I know it’s not a lot but I gave away the rest of my mp so it’s all I have atm
I just really want a new username for dA since I don’t like mine but idk what to pick

sometimes i think about selling my art on mweor but then i remember i can only draw dogs and humans (a little bit) and i just sit back down in the corner

while those ‘send in a users name if u appreciate them’ blogs and positive blogs for mweor are really cute and sweet they’re kind of just as bad as they are good because the people who don’t get mentioned feel 100 times worse and is it really worth it to boost the confidence of the same five people over and over again and at the same time crush everyone else??? nah

mweor has been working for me all morning??/ am I the only one who isn’t having problems at all

liam charlotte is the cutest pixel cat on this site and if you disagree i’ll yell !!!

guys help someone commissioned me but they wanted a human OC done and I wasn’t actually open to draw humans but I couldn’t say no because they’re the only one willing to commission me so I told them I would try
I’m gonna heck this up oh man