drawing for a DTA

not overly Happy right now so I may or may not respond :-0

hey guys idk how many of you animate but I made a gif drawing thing in gimp and when I looked at the preview it was fine and so I uploaded it to dA but 1. the frames are slower 2. it isn’t doing the pauses I included in GIMP 3. the lines look like they were made with the binary tool when I uploaded the image (though I didn’t use that tool and it looked normal in GIMP and SAI)

can anyone help me? :- (

thank you to those who came to the stream!! :- )

welp the stream is over now thank you for coming Avalon :- 3


Anyone else on mweor own a minkin?

i dooo

have any of you seen fossil around :- (

you guys do know that you can find out who sent you hate right there is a program for that !!! you do know this right because it has been said 50 bajillion times but nobody does it
we can find out who is sending hate you don’t have to do it but you can. hate wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is if you would dO this please

tbh it’s weird because it feels like the mweor tag is just a circle of friends who post here about inside jokes and stuff and if you’re not in it then!?? sucks for you
and I’ve noticed you guys only seem to defend /certain/ people who get anon hate bc I’ve seen plenty of people get hate before but not all of them get support? you just kinda ignore it and shower that one person who maybe bought a hat or something from the store in love and comments and it’s super dumb bc I expected more from the people who preach so much about how anon hate is wrong and stuff?!
anyways, i’m done writing this dumb post

guys this is really Dumb and i’m really late with this but i know some of you downloaded the sims 2 thing when origin released it for free and i did too but it won’t open at all when i click on it and nothing pops up either? it says i ‘played’ it today but all i did was click on it to try and open it- i don’t know how to get it to work? i know this is REALLY LATE but i didn’t know what to do about it and we looked stuff up but nothing helped then i got the Genius idea to ask you guys 15 thousand days later so here i am. are any of you having that problem and do you know how to fix it? :- (

sometimes i wanna send in my own name to see what people think of me but i can’t do it without feeling bad because i did it and… no i can’t do tHAT

thank you to the one person who knows i exist and sent in my name that One Time though idk who you are but you rock on little duckling